Ibiza the source of beauty

The Balearic island of Ibiza has been fascinating for decades with its relaxing, inspiring creative atmosphere and its beautiful wild nature. The flowers and herbs of the magical Mediterranean island attracted “flower children”, hippies of all generations. It has remained a magical attraction to this day.

Wild Natural Ibiza cosmetics

Backgrounds and history of origins

Christoph Lanwehr
Researcher, product developer, company founder

Christoph Lanwehr’s success story began in Ibiza in 2005. The trained gardener and researcher began to discover the active substances of wild rosemary, helichrysum and the sea water of Ibiza on his plantation. He is interested in all plants with particularly strong plant antioxidants, from which he has since developed his high-quality plant cream creations, such as Aloe Ferox, Moringa Oleifera, Immortelle, Avocado, Cardiospermum, Jojoba, and Papaya, which have the highest quality, purity and effectiveness under wild growth conditions.

Some of the plants thrive particularly well on Ibiza’s typical red, ferruginous soil and can fully unfold their active ingredients, which are so valuable for the skin, under optimal light conditions on the island.

With a team of renowned experts, Dr. Nikolai Hartz, Prof. Dr. Dr. Harun Parlar, Katja Gräfin von Armansperg and Dr. Alain Garcia, it was possible to develop a natural, certified and patented new “plant cosmetics”.

It is a new and convincing dimension in natural cosmetics that optimally cares for the skin of every age, skin type and season. Already now the “Plant Power Well Aging Line” belongs to the international avant-garde in anti-aging cosmetics, which can optically rejuvenate young and mature skin, as well as the skin of sun worshippers, by 3-10 years, according to our cooperating natural beauticians.

Katja Gräfin von Armansperg
Marketing, Sales & Cosmetics, Company Founder

Katja von Armansperg studied marketing and then worked for a German traditional natural cosmetics company in marketing and sales. She comes from a family that has been skin specialists for three generations.

Her grandfather was a dermatologist. Her mother, Marta Riemer, was the first cosmetician and employee of Mrs. Gertrud Gruber at the time of her first cosmetics studio in Rottach-Egern. Together with Mrs. Gruber they developed the then novel natural cosmetic creams of the brand Gertraud Gruber according to the dermatological books of their grandfather.

Mrs. Riemer set up the first and very successful cosmetic studios of this time in Munich. This wealth of experience and creative dynamism was inherited by the mother of her daughter Katja.

Katja von Armansperg and Christoph Lanwehr met on Ibiza. Since the age of seven the island was the holiday island of her family. The researcher & developer gave her one of his first creams. She was so convinced by this product that she wanted to make it accessible to others, and founded the company WILD & NATURAL IBIZA COSMETICS S.L. with Christoph Lanwehr, where she successfully took over sales, marketing and cosmetic training.