The original "Miracle Creams" from Ibiza

Uniquely effective Plant Power Well-Aging creams

As a cosmetic avant-garde, we produce patented, certified creams and serums from hand-picked wild flowers, Ibiza herbs and subtropical plants with the utmost care. They contain the most powerful and highly concentrated plant antioxidants, whose effect can optically rejuvenate mature skin by 3-10 years. Customers also call our creams natural B…x.

Convince yourself of the unique, incomparable quality of our plant products and treat yourself to this special Ibiza luxury. Experience and feel the difference, an investment with visible success!


Plant Power Well Aging Series!

The original “Miracle Creams” from “Ibiza” cause an optimally slowed skin aging by providing for all skin needs such as moisture, nutrients, elasticity and resilience.
These creams nourish and saturate the skin, thanking you with a healthy radiance. They clear up unpleasant signs of skin aging such as feelings of tension, dryness lines, age & Hormonflecken, loss of elasticity and skin firmness, coarse pores, shiny and blemished skin. The appearance of the skin improves directly and visibly.


Skin Repair+ Dr. Alain Garcia

A new composition of medicinal plants, for which an EU patent has been applied, soothes stressed and stressed skin and contributes to increasing the protective barrier function of the skin through its anti-inflammatory effect. This “Anti-Stress Series” contains soothing Cardiospermum, Papaya, Verbenone and Dead Sea Salt, which can soothe itching, allergic skin reactions, sunburn, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema & stings, and richly soothe pflegen Mild care for all ages, skin types and stress levels.

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Wild & Natural Ibiza Creme Serie

This young, fresh, herbal cream line meets all skin care needs for a sunny summer and for young, oily or combination skin.
A “pampering program for the skin” from head to toe with the “Ibiza Feeling”. Summer, sun, sea, uniquely beautiful naturalness and pure joy!
The “Wild & Natural Ibiza Cream®” line provides mild, rich care and relaxation before, during and after sunbathing.

Our mission is to offer you the best of nature in anti-aging cosmetics. With a team of renowned experts we have succeeded in developing a natural, ICADA certified and patented new "plant cosmetics", a directly convincing new dimension in natural cosmetics that optimally cares for the skin of every age, skin type and season.

"We are convinced that we do without preservatives, animal experiments, artificial additives, parabens, superfluous packaging and everything that burdens us, our children, nature, the sea and our environment."

Katja Gräfin von Armansperg